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Our group of research focuses in the development of better metallodrugs using small molecules based on platinum complexes with non-conventional structures. In recent years, we have shown how iodide complexes open up a new path in the action of platinum complexes because of their particular reactivity with some proteins. Their study has guided our investigations to reconsider many options abandoned in the early years from platinum anticancer research. The use of chemical approaches to develop new drugs, which target specific biomolecules and synergistic combination with the metal coordinated fragment, enhances the known activity of certain metals in Medicine.


In the areas of nanotechnology and biohybrid materials

  • Professor Giles Gasser. Chimie ParisTech. PSL University. CNRS. “Combining imaging and therapeutic properties in heterobimetallic metallodrugs”
  • Professor Angela Casini. Cardiff Universty. Chair of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry and Director of PGT.
  • Dra. Silvia Cabrera. Grupo de Prof. Jos√© aleman Lara. Sintesis y caracterizacion de complejos de platino con unidades “trans” como complejos no convencionales….”Versatile route to trans-platinum(II) complexes via…” Inorganic chemistry 2019 in press front cover.
  • Dra. Filipa Mendes. Radiopharmaceutical Science. ITN. University of Lisbon. Finding targets and therapeutic properties in non coventional metallodrugs
  • Dra. Isabel Sanchez. Dpto Bioquimica UAM. Insituto Alberto Sols.
  • Dra. Tracey McGregor Mason. Stephenson University. DNA interaction studies of covalent metallodrugs.
  • Dr, Ignacio Leon. National University of La Plata. La Plata, Argentina

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