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Selective Catalysis for Organic Synthesis

Project Description


Selective Catalysis for Organic Synthesis

Our group is interested in the design of novel catalytic methods in the field of organic and organometallic chemistry. In doing so we pursue a double goal: to provide methods that challenge the current state of the art of modern synthetic chemistry and at the same time provide useful tools for the preparation of biologically active molecules. For this reason, our research is inspired by unsolved problems found in the synthesis of complex natural products and pharmaceuticals. To accomplish these goals, we are currently interested in the chemistry of boronic esters and in the development of catalytic methods to cleave carbon-nitrogen bonds.


  • Profesor Diego Cárdenas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): Development of novel catalytic methods for C-B bond formation and C-N bond cleavage.
  • Professor Timothy Clark (University of San Diego): Development of novel borylation reactions.
  • Professor Jonathan B. Cohen (Harvard Medical School): Identification of novel anesthetic drugs
  • Professor Feliú Masseras (ICIQ): Mechanistic studies on allyl-allyl cross-coupling reactions.

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