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Synthesis of photo, electro and bioactive compounds

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Synthesis of photo, electro and bioactive compounds

The three-dimensional structure of molecules played an essential role in their biological function; consequently, the control of absolute and relative stereochemistry is a fundamental goal in much of our work. We are particularly interested in developing domino reactions for each of our synthesis targets, in order to achieve the most efficient and rapid syntheses possible. Our research deals with new applications of quinones and quinols derivatives in synthesis. Methodological studies carried out on model systems open the way to synthetic applications focusing on natural products showing biological activity as well as synthetic analogues with improved properties. The utility of these methodologies has been illustrated in our group through their application to the synthesis of a variety of angucyclinones a class of important biologically active compounds.

We are also attracted to molecules that have unique chirality. Our syntheses, in many cases, are the only means of accessing additional material such polyarene derivatives showing helical, planar and/or axial chirality. Such enantiopure derivatives show properties that find application as new materials.


  • Prof. Ángeles Juarranz, Departamento de Biología, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Site-selective synthesis of ortho- and para-quinols and study of their biological properties.

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